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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Netflix in debt? Maybe.

Netflix recently announced it's in debt to some that rounds about to 2 million dollars. They looked to raise money to strengthen their position in the competitive market but it kind of back fired.


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This isn't the first time Netflix is raising money for debt, it has recently been in the position, they raised 1.6 million last year. Netflix basically is runiing out of places to target mass audience, south Asian countries seem to have given a very good response to them but the rest are not the same.

The share price has dropped off so much that the investors are starting to get worried, a bond recently fell by 3 cents to the trade, this is enough to have some sleepless nights.

Asking about the problems Netflix faces, they sternly reply that they'll definitely receive more investments due to their growth.

PERSONAL OPINION: Netflix are sugar coating their current status, but I do think they'll become a sustainable business in the coming future.  

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