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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Online Privacy - A Myth?

If you're at all curious about your online privacy then this article is for you, if you're not then stop here, you might as well be surfing porn, right now instead. With the prerequisites out of the way, let's get to the point.

Facebook recenty did a really good thing... kinda. "The social media giant" slash "Multibillion dollar tech company " claims that our online privacy is their safe with them, got hacked. Following the code of conduct, they told their users that this "little-thing" has happened and where to check if their data has been compromised.

  Apparently, there was a bug in review as section which was exploited by hackers and millions of people's info were compromised.

 Users, first of all did not really know what to do with this piece of info so they turned to the only friend they have; Google.

  A very similar thing happened to Google recently, but they looked the other way on the matter and decided to not tell the public, for it was bad publicity. Keeping secrets from the press? I'm sorry but you're in the wrong decade. Ultimately, Google had to shut down their social media platform just for the online privacy issue they kept to themselves.

PERSONAL OPINION: Our reliance on google and social media giants is way too much, I'm sure we can live without facebook and for google there are much better alternatives.

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