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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Potential Risk With Self Driving Cars

With all the things being said about the self driving cars, the question that seems to pop up every now and then is, are they safe?

    There always exist a risk when implementing  a new system in the world, self driving cars, is definitely one of them. The risk this time is a person's life, you're basically trusting a bot with your life.

self driving cars


    The invention will forever remembered as the one which changed the whole perspective of driving but the cons seem to layer over the great piece of tech. MANY people will lose out on their jobs, a series of events will lead to mass unemployment.

    The most obvious ones to suffer from the implementation of self driving cars, would be drivers, less human drivers would mean less accidents, less accidents would then mean less patients in the hospitals which in turn would mean lesser need of medical staff and this would go on and on.

PERSONAL OPINION:   For me the pros overshadow the cons, the invention is far too great to just be sidelined by some minor issues.

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