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Monday, October 29, 2018

Recover Hacked Facebook Account 2018

hacked facebook account

Many key loggers available on the internet aren't really providing what they are selling. I found an easy way to recover hacked facebook account.

First of all it's not that easy to hack into your fb account, you need to have alot of hacking knowledge to bypass multi billion dollar company's security system. Secondly, why would a pro hack into an ordinary person's account, trust me they got better things to do. So the point of all this is be very careful of phishing accounts most likely conducted by people around you, that are just trying to tease you.

hacked facebook account

Now getting to the point, I found a website to recover hacked facebook account that also conducts phishing attacks, yeah yeah, i get the irony.  All you have to do is sign up, copy the link and send it to your own account that has been hacked, via your friend's account. They person active on your profile will open the link and they will immediately be asked for a password and viola! The password they enter will be shown to you in the website's dashboard.


Don't worry, your password won't be shared with any other person on the website. Follow the above mentioned steps and you'll recover hacked facebook account whenever there's activity on the account.

NOTE: Use link shorter when sending the link.

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