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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Unlimited Gmail Accounts On My Number

With the updating google policies it's getting harder and harder to create multiple google accounts on a single number, whether you need them for your business or personal interest.

I, myself need gmail accounts on my number for which i devised a solution.

Old Method:

There was an alternative for me to create gmail accounts on my number a while ago. All I had to do was put up an alternative mailing address and everything was A-okay. If I did not feel like putting up my actual mailing address of any account, I would simply just get a temporary mailing address via any site( e.g https://temp-mail.org/en/)

New Method:

Like every other problem, this one too had a quick and simple solution, i did not need to create gmail account on my phone number, instead what i needed was a simple android phone. The steps are explained below:

1) Open menu and go to settings.

2) In settings search for 'Account' or 'Account settings'.
3) In there would be an option 'Add account', Click on it.

4) from there click on 'add google account'.

5) It would ask you for an existing or a new account, click on 'new'.

6) From there onward, just follow the instructions, and you'll be just fine.

NOTE: The options may differ in other smart phones.

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