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Friday, November 2, 2018

Fishing Or Phishing? - Insight On Hacking Attacks

Phishing is an old school hacking attack used to gather info by not exploring the holes in the system but in the human brain itself. The user is fooled to think that it's provinding info to an authorized organization but in real, they're just giving their credentials away to whoever the person behind the closed curtain is.

Phishing is actually alot like real world fishing, bait is the web page, and the fishes are users on the internet.

Why Phishing? Why Not Fishing?

Wouldn't it be easier if we just called this hacking attack fishing instead of phishing? It would but some things just stick with time. In the early days hacking attacks were done via phones, they were termed as freaks on telephones, freak if you may. Same goes for fishing.

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